Lake Treatment, Pond Mangement, Fountains, Dredging, and More AWW serves Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga and all of East Tennessee

Pond Overflow

Dredging and Pond Management

Dam repairs? We do that. Dredging? We do that, too. Overflows? Yes. If you have a pond construction problem, chances are we can fix it. And if we can’t, we’ll tell you what you need from someone who can. 

Fountain Square

Fountain Installation & Repair

Have a fountain that needs repair? Need a fountain or fountain system to keep your water clean and moving? We place and service all kinds of fountains in all kinds of ponds. 

Pond Aeration 

We install solar aeration systems and standard aeration systems in ponds of all sizes. Special requests for your aeration needs? Let us know! We\’re happy to custom build and price aeration systems for you. 

Solar Aeration Square

Water Weed Treatment

We take a look at your lakefront, coves, ponds, and docks to figure out what kind of weeds you have and how to keep them from being a problem. We monitor regularly and treat when we need to for species like Hydrilla, Milfoil, and Algae. 

Lake Weed Square