PAMDUCK Polyacrylamide Dispersement System

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Brand: Aquatic Weed Wizards

The PAMDUCK Polyacrylamide Dispersement System works with Soilfloc® 50ECT Tablets to keep your pond clean from sediment. With this unique system you'll get maximum effect from the Polyacrylamide tablets without having to wonder where they're working! One set of tablets (about 1 month's worth) is included with this kit.

The PAMDUCK kit includes everything pictured and attaches to an aeration diffuser to take full advantage of your aeration system. The PAMDUCK system also aids as a diffuser marker and diffuser retrieval system. The constant movement of water caused by the diffuser will slowly disperse the PAM throughout your pond helping settle sediment out of the water.

Polyacrylamide tablets dissolve into a safe, biodegradable polymer that bonds to sediments and sinks them to the bottom of the water, leaving your pond cleaner than ever.

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